Two weeks post closure

I am now 2 weeks post closure and feel so much better than the first week. I really should have stayed off work longer. I went back to work 5 days later and resumed my 2-3 mile walks. I felt pretty rough that week. This week has been quite different. I feel stronger and am noticing subtle differences in how I feel since the closure. There is no doubt that the closure has improved my life. No more waking up with a headache and a sense of lightness. It's hard to explain but I previously felt slow and a heaviness. My sleep apnea has improved greatly too. I hope I can continue to report on good news!


hi janie

just got my asd repaired by Amplatzer Septal Occluder device 3 days ago. my palpatations have gone i feel more at rest. still have shortness of breath but hopefuly in weeks to come will get better. my hole size was large it was 3.4cm, was shocked when they told me as i was always playing footbal and running uptil a year ago when i found out that i have asd. was your hole size large or small?

Hi Anthony, I hope you continue to see improvements! I was not told what size my ASD was. I will see if I can obtain my records. I return for follow-up in June. My closure was with the Gore Helix device.

hope everything is well. I have an appointment Wednesday to make sure everything is okay so look forward to that. do you still have symptoms?

Last week I felt weak and had episodes of arrhythmia. I had some chest pain too.This week it is totally different! As far as pre-surgery symptoms, I think I thought the way I felt was normal!

This is fabulous news! What type of closure did your doctor do? I am guessing not open heart surgery OHS is hell! I was still in ICU 2 weeks after my surgery and another week and a half in a private room on the cardiac floor. I am glad your recovery time is going much better. I hope you continue to get stronger and feel better!! :)

I have a Gore Helix device. This week I am at a point where I forget I even had anything done!