Anyone else like me

I have ASD plus Bronchial Pulmonary Dysplasia. I’m looking to see if there’s anyone else that has the same. My family thinks I could have eisenmenger syndrome. I fit the symptoms. I just want to know if there’s someone else. I feel alone. Please help. I hate this feeling. Thank you everyone!

I also thought I had eisenmenger syndrome and I know it can be very scary. I don't know what your symptoms are and what type of ASD you have. But if you haven't yet, I suggest you see congenital heart doctor not a cardiologist that deals with acquired heart disease. In order to evaluate your pulmonary pressure you might need a right side catherization. I had two and compared to open heart surgery they were no big deals. Only after I had the catherization did they rule out eisenmenger syndrome. Don't despair at the Adult Congenital Heart Center at Boston Children's they operate and close ASD on people with very high pulmonary pressures.

Go for a double heart cath you are awake and it will tell them SO much!!!! It is not big deal as far as a procedure goes.