ASD Repair this Wednesday

Hi everyone Thank you for the add to this group! This Wednesday I will be having my ASD repaired Thur the side of my chest. I have a very large hole that every Dr every test missed! I’m having such a terrible time with pain in my left side of my chest. I have had 3 TEE and 3 cardio version and 2 right heart Caths 2 ablations and a failed closure thru the groin. My legs are numb and give out about 1O times a day I had my femoral nerve damaged during the first Heart Cath ( no longer with that dr) I can’t believe how I went from working 6 days a week 12 hours a day as a chef and manager and waitress bartender to now not being able to walk to the bathroom from the living room. I have been in major pain since the first Ablation in March of 2016 then the horror of the cath surgery gone wrong in June! Am I alone in the pain dept? I feel terrible and my pain is getting worst! I’m embarrassed when I’m at the Drs office I’m afraid to ask for pain pills because of the massive Addiction that had hit this country in the last couple years. I’m a strong person but I’m not able to control the pain the Drs have said I shouldn’t have pain after an ablation. Well I beg to differ I couldn’t walk with the first one for days due to the pain in my chest That one was a Cryo ballon one then I had one in Nov and it was 8 hours long they had to move my esophagus and it kept heating up so they had to keep backing off it was the worst surgery I ever had I couldn’t talk above a whisper and for 2 weeks felt like I was going to die. I have a new Dr now and he says off course your in pain you have a HUGE HUGE HOLE! My problem is the fact that now my back is hurting my ribs feel like someone is breaking them and The weird part is When I breathe I smell Carbon dioxide it’s like heat smell and like I’m stuck behind a dump truck. Dose anyone have any of these symptoms. Thank you in advance

Hi sorry to hear that. I hav had my transcath closure last sept 2016. So far, I m doing very good. I really have no complains at all. You should ask your doctor why these symptoms are manifesting? How come?