I had an ASD closure done January 2015 after having several TIAS in the spring of 2014. The cardiologist said it was a small hole in the heart causing the clots that traveled to my brain.He used a Gore Helex Septal Occluder for closure. I’ve had several echoes and ekgs done since the procedure and all looks well as far as the doctor can see. My problems started about two months ago. I started having palpitations everyday. They have subsided but now I have a heavy feeling on my left side of chest. I don’t really know how describe it almost feels like something is stuck. One side of my body feels completely different than the other. I have good and bad days but even on the good days I still feel a little off. Im getting numbness still on the left side of body. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. Thanks

What a great post! Sorry you are are having some newer problems. What does the cardiologist say in response to your complaints? Don’t know about the numbness thing. I hope others can comment. We have several that have had a Gore Helex for repair. Palpitations can occur post repair, some leave, some stay! Does the doctor say you are “heart healthy”? All I can suggest is when you go write your major symptoms with questions and have them down on paper. Bring someone with you to help explain and reinforce the problems. They can often recall better the physicians response. Some patients talk about heart rate irregularities post repair, usually tachycardia( faster heart rate) but some problems presenting correlate to symptoms one has had pre repair. Linda

I’m so sorry you are going through this. I do not have the numbness but have had a whole host of issues since the Gore closure December 2014. I am on oxygen and meds for pulmonary hypertension but still having chest pains, palpitations, and severe hypoxia. I had a cardiac MRI this week and go to a cardiologist next week. I will post what I find out. Good luck to you and I hope you get answers quickly. This not knowing is not fun.

Hi Jeha,

Mine ASD closure was done just few days back. I underwent catheter based ASD closure of 2 CM with 22 mm Septal Occluder. I am 40 year old, got detected with ASD in one of the regular health checkups. I decided to get it fixed since I was assured that the procedure is simple and would not impact me much. I am kind of worried now, because my symptoms of dizziness has started from the next day and I am not sure, what is causing it. I have read through lot of information about why it causes but mine is not known. Though I have decided to visit my cardiologist tomorrow to inquire about these dizziness symptoms, I am quite curious to know if as mentioned by Jeha there can be problems months after the procedure. What are the experiences of other group members here.

Look forward to get some guidance and advice to deal with this healing period. Not sure what else I have to expect in the healing process, how much time, can the clopilet use cause it?. Is it difficult to discountinue the clopilet later and withdrawal symptiom etc. are different question I have in mind from various reads.

Please guide who has gone through this and is healthy and fine with no troubles. :-)

Amit Nirantare