I had my closure (2ndum asd) with occluder


I’m 25. During a check up they have found that there is a hole around 16mm. Right side of the heart have enlarged a bit. Now 2 months ago i had catheter closure with amplatzer occluder. So i didn’t have palpitations before the operation. But after that during the day i ahd them a lot. Next day after discharge i thought i was dying suffocating went to ER and v1 ecg looked pretty weird to me but doc says ok (echo,ecg and xray is done).

So after 2 weeks my palpitations are lessened. and now when i lay in my bed my HR falls as small as 45-55 bpm. Which never happened prior to op. seems like my heart is working less for the same blood flow now. But when i lay down, esp on my left side, i have some palpitations. I went to doc and they used holter and looks like they are harmless extra systoles. doc said in any time you can develop arrhythmia because the device is pressing on the healthy parts and it affects rhythm. But we don’t know.

Also you have a hole so that part was supposed to be normal heart tissue. that is another factor to the arrhythmia risk. So im advised not to drink coffee or tea nor use my adhd meds. which i won’t.

What do you think about laying to the left side? it feels as if i can feel the device in me friction to somewhere. that’s probs psychosomatic feeling but I really get palpitations when i lay on the left side vs right side. Considering the heart is at the left side. Is it possible that im pressuring my heart?

What activities are risks for asd closed peopl via device?

How is palpitations?

Thanks and I hope you all recover

I too had the PFO closure with the same device, in Feb. ‘20. I felt worse and haven’t been the same ever since the surgery. My heart rate would go from very high to very low without doing anything. I had extreme fatigue and gained 10 pounds almost immediately. I have been thin my entire life. I read the side effects of clopidogrel ( Plavix) and the rest of my medications and found the culprit for me feeling so bad was side effects from clopidogrel. I started cutting the dose in half and talking half daily along with the metetoprol half a dose. What’s confusing to me is I took all the same medications before the closure and never felt this bad. Also, I’m short of breath and feel pressure on my chest most of the time. Had I known I was going to feel so awful after having the procedure done, I never would have had it. So in answer to your question I think what you are feeling is indeed a side effect of the surgery.

Maybe. I have had sinusitis and one nostril clog thing. It’s way worse now. I literally can’t breathe and I can feel the pressure on my face off. If the virus outbreak didn’t happen I would go to a doctor for sinus.

For chest pain idk. I didn’t have it. It started this week actually. I’m kinda worried if the device has fallen or is it leaking etc.

I only feel the tiny pain like something is touching my heart feeling when I lie on left side mostly.

Maybe psychological idk.

I lost weight actually. I lost like 5 pounds. I never could gain weight I’m pretty slim. Very interesting


my palpitations didn’t go away. i never had them before the op. i also have migrane with visuals. something i never had before too

i use NAC 600mg daily and it 99% prevents palpitations… I’m mostly fine

It’s not your imagination. I had an Asd/Pfo closed with largest amplatzer occluder available, almost 2 years ago. I have palpitations and sometimes painful spasms when I lay on my left side. Also have consistent multi focal PVCs since the closure. Caffeine is a definite trigger for me. Im still on meds, probably for life, and I see my Cardiologist every 4 months.

Even so, I feel better after the closure then I did before. I was easily fatigued and short of breath most of my adult life. Fainting while I was pregnant. I had chest pains as a child. Was told I had a bronchial infection more than once. Finally found the Defect after I had an Ocular stroke. My Neurologist order an echo with Bubble Study. Had a TEE after that and was told it was A large floppy hole that needed to be closed right away. Very high risk for stroke. I would do it again in a heartbeat (haha) For me it’s been a life saver ( Sorry, I can’t seem to help myself)

Good luck to you!
Stay strong and trust your instincts. You are your own best advocate. If you feel there is a problem, please don’t hesitate to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion.

P.S… when I told my Doctor about the pain and palpitations I experience when I lay on my left side, he said ” that might be a problem” and I said, No, I just switch to the right. He didn’t think it was funny. I thought it was like the old joke,Dr. It hurts when I do this. Dr. Says, then don’t do that. :grin: Oh well.


Well in our religion our prophet said don’t lay on your left side. So in our cultural left represents bad and right the good
That’s why docs often scoff at this left right thing.

Well I have been using Nac(n acetyl cysteine) 600mg everyday. That definitely stopped my palpitations.

I quit that a while ago and my palpitations didn’t come back. I am not saying it cured. My vit d was 14 last year. This year it is 40.
I have been supplementing with vit d for some time

And idk if that helped but I’m free of my palpitations

Nac is very safe you can ask your doc tho. Some studies also show nac prevents AF, arrhythmia etc in people who had heart ops. But you need to use it everyday. And if you have an amalgam filling you can’t use nac. Because it chelates mercury

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