does anybody have any experience with this horrificdrug. cardiologist wanted to trial me so I took it for two nights felt so unwell an stopped two nights ago. heart rate is back to 70bpm.thank god as 50bpm ws not good!!!I still feel a bit groggy does it have any long term effects?? any advice ???

Hi, I took bisoprolol after getting atrial tachycardia ( flutter, 160 bpm). I didn’t find it a horrific drug at all. The tachycardia started about four years after my transcatheter ASD closure, and did not respond to cardioversion or medication, so I had an ablation which worked (so far, over a year later I’m in sinus rhythm and back running, and can drink alcohol if I want).
I stayed on bisoprolol for about three months, steadily lowering the dose and am now off anti-arrhythmic drugs with a heart rate about 60-70. I didn’t have any side effects. People respond differently to drugs, so if it doesn’t seem to suit you discuss with your doctor, there are plenty of alternatives to try.

I took propanolol which is a beta-blocker like bisoprolol. Beta-blockers are sometimes annoying, it made me slow and sluggish like a sloth. And “slowing things down” is their main purpose. It slows your heart rate thus lessening the workload of the heart. Also, they reduce the “fight and flight” reaction, that’s why they are sometimes given to people with performance anxiety, like public speaking, etc. So yeah, at 50bpm, you will feel a big difference with over-all energy level.

I was bisoprolol after my surgery as I was having flutters etc.... awful drug made me light headed, dizzy, tired slow and put on ALOT of weight as it slows pretty much everything down and didn't really help the flutters either, my blood pressure was so low I was constantly having to eat salty snacks and drink fluids just to get it over 100/60. Heart rate of 47 some days! No one had followed me up following being put on this on discharge from hospital so after 2 years and nearly being taken away in an ambulance after I collapsed when out with my 4 year old son. I went to see a cardiac nurse who basically said I was indulging myself!!!!!! Like I have the time.... I work, have a son and husband to look after, I would dearly love the time to sit around and fell sorry for myself! Anyway i came off it pretty much there and then and have felt ok since. Bp still not exactly high and as before still have the flutters which I just get on with now. Would seriously consider any alternative before taking this or at least be very aware of the side affects and how to deal with them like I did eventually.

Mine is Metoprolol. I take the smallest dosage allowed. I take it to even things out. My Cardiologist offered to up my scrip after my closure due to palpitations, but I said no. Sounds like I should be glad I did. My average BP and heart rate are on the normal and low side. I really have no interest in taking more.

I am taking metoprolol and I have gained about 10 pounds in the last several months. I had not put the two things together. I knew I do not feel as good now as I did before the closure. I have no energy at all. I had taken Corag (carvedilol) before the closure and it did not bother me like this. I remember wondering why the doctor changed that medicine. The doctor who did the ablations (A Fib and V Tach) gave me carvedilol and the doctor that did the closure changed it to metoprolol.

I am going to see what I can do about this next week because I have worked too hard to lose weight to keep taking metoprolol and gain it all back.

I went to my GP about a month ago telling him I was so tired and he did not mention the metoprolol. He did tests and my vit. D and thyroid were both low. He increased my thyroid med. and gave me a script for D. I am still so tired and worn out. Thyroid will be tested next week, D in two more months, but I think I have taken the D long enough that if it was going to help me feel better it would have helped some.

Thanks for the heads up on what may be making me feel so tired.