Questions after asd closure

I am almost 3 weeks post transcatheter asd closure. Just wondering what are some normal feelings after having this done. I was taking diltizem 120mg for the first week and a half but it had literally made me feel so weak tired and drowsy 24/7. I just stopped it as of today. Got the clear from my doctor but just wondering if anyone else had experienced palpitations/ deep beat feelings after the surgery. I was fitted with a 18mm device and haven’t had any issues at all with that. Bubble study was flawless. Any out look on how everyone else felt would be great! Trying to push through this so I can get back to providing for my family ASAP! Wife just had a baby a month ago! So she’s been the only one “working” within reason

I had my ASD closure a year ago. I definitely experienced palpitations/ missing a beat feeling for a month. Slowly it went away

Hopefully mine goes away to! Can’t wait to be back to normal life again!

Josh - I had similar closure procedure as you did. Took a blood pressure med and blood thinner, Eliquis, post op. Blood thinner reaction was horrible, Doc changed me to Plavix which was better but still Felt like crap, my blood pressure and heart rate were very low, Doc took me off the blood pressure med but kept the Plavix. After 6mos stopped the Plavix and immediately started feeling better, after a week when it had finally got out of my system I felt great and have continued to do so ever since. Closure was Oct 2018.
Meds effect everyone differently so hope once you are done with your post-op treatment you’ll feel good once again.