Cancellations of procedures?

I hope everyone is staying safe during this situation. Since we are all kept indoors with potentially a lot of time on our hands, I figured that that we spend sometime to share our unique stories and provide each other with useful information about our experiences during this time.

I wanted to kick off by asking if any of you have had an OHS or any sort of procedure delayed or cancelled until further notice due to this? Does this make you more nervous? How are you coping with it?

I look forward to hearing from you all, it would really help as many of us are trying to find ways to cope during this time!

Arjuna from ModSupport

Hi, i have not had any tests cancled but the hole thing is taking for ever. Ive had 4 tests in the last 6 months and waiting for the appointment with cardiologist still…
Im loosing my patience and nerve to have the opp, i was quite ready for it 3 months ago.

Hello @Red, it’s fortunate indeed that the tests did not get cancelled. On the other hand, having to take a “wait and see” approach to have your operation sounds like no fun. Do you think the appointment with the cardiologist will give you a better idea of whether it will be an OHS or a cath closure for you?

Either way, this seems like such a wait! Keep us posted on this though. Also, there are numerous threads on this forum with people weighing pros and cons of the different procedures, and talking about their recovery phases. Hopefully they can be of some help during this time for you @Red!