Fear of device in heart?

Hi everyone,

One of our new members @ash has been diagnosed and is a little wary of putting a device in the heart. And as such, they have been putting off the surgery. This is a daunting task no doubt- so I am wondering if anyone here has had a similar story that they can tell to help out our new member ?

Looking forward to hearing your tips and support!

-Arjun a


Hi, what are you having done? Is it PFO closure? Because that what I had done and can tell you my experience. Not sure what others have experienced with ASD. It is a scary thought to think of a metal device is put in your heart but if that’s what is recommended by your doctor because of issues that your having them do it. I had mine closed because I had a stoke from a hole in my hart three years ago. So far I feel great like nothings ever changed. Occasionally I get irregular heartbeats but that’s been going on forever. At least I no I won’t get a stoke from the hole in my hart because it’s closed. My only concern is if there’s ever a recall on the device. That’s my only worry. I try not to over exercise because I don’t want to strain the heart, but that’s just something Iam scared to do. It should be fine, I went to Kaiser in San Francisco and they do so many cath procedures it was like Assembly line all lined up to get this procedure done and you are half awake and can hear everything and talk to them while they are putting a cath in your groin which hurt! But while they are closing the hole in my heart they were talking laughing they had music playing the doctor and the assistance seem like it’s nothing to them. It should be fine I think everyone is different but if it’s a necessary thing for you to do then do it it could save you in the long run. It’s not that bad as it sounds. Wish you all the best. Sherry

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Hello Ash.
I understand that this is a difficult time for you. I have had a similar experience. I can only tell you of my experience, and understand that its not the same for everyone. The thing I can say is that I hope you do your research, measure risk with reward, and get a second opinion before you decide.
I posted this after a successful closure of a large PFO.


May '19

I feel like I need to share how very fortunate and grateful I am to have this man, Dr. Romeo Majano, as my Cardiologist.
My story - I had a TIA in February of 2016. After lots of inconclusive tests my Neurologist recommended a Bubble Study and found a large PFO with severe right to left shunt. I saw an Interventional Cardiologist who ordered a TEE showing a large defect. He recommended closure but despite our efforts, the insurance co. denied the procedure twice . I was treated with medicines and preventive care.
I saw him every 6 months for follow up. I had an appt. scheduled for November 2018. His office called and canceled the appt. and wanted to reschedule for late January. I explained that I was not feeling at all well, experiencing palpitations, angina and becoming breathless and lightheaded much more frequently. I felt that I shouldn’t wait so long to be seen. Even though this was a large group of Cardiologists, they could not schedule the Appt. any sooner. I felt like an unknown and insignificant patient in a too large medical factory.
I spoke to my niece, who is a critical care nurse, and she said NOT to wait. She gave me the name of her own Cardiologist.
The PA , Raquel was wonderful. She took my history and asked about symptoms I was experiencing at the time. After an examination, Dr. Majano ordered diagnostics. A Bubble Study, a stress test, and an echocardiogram that showed a large PFO/ septal defect. Dr. Majano personally took on the Big Bad Insurance Company and got the procedure to repair approved.
I first saw Dr. Majano on December 6th, 2018, and on December 21, he successfully repaired the defect by implanting an Amplatzer Septal Occluder percutaneously. I am so relieved to have had this repaired with this least invasive procedure. I cannot thank this Dr. and his staff enough. I am very happy to say I am feeling much better. So far so good :grin: