Chest pain prior to closure

Hi; I was recently diagnosed and currently waiting to get my ASD closed. My ASD was found when I was getting testing for infrequent chest pains while running along and occasional palpitations. Since then, I seem to be getting chest discomforts (pressure, tightness) almost daily and pretty frequently. They are quite short, almost like twinges that last only a second or two. I occasionally feel like I have a constant dullness in my chest which will last longer too. Anyway, question is if anyone else has experienced this prior to getting their ASD closed? If so, did the closure help?

I’ve had 3-4 cardiologist say that it is unlikely to be cardiac (heart disease, etc). My PCP thinks it’s heartburn or GERD, so I take Zantac 150mg once or twice a day, but it’s not really helping. Plus, it doesn’t feel like heartburn. I’m guessing it’s anxiety or stress but I don’t feel all that stressed or anxious anymore. It’s been about 6 weeks since diagnosis, so I’ve moved on from all that anxiety.

Anyway, just wanted to see what other experiences were like.

Hello there
Similar to your experience I also got diagnosed with ASD because of the intermittent chest pains and palpitations,for me sometimes it would even start when I was at rest and disappeared in a few seconds initially.After I was diagnosed I didn’t have it for a while but then it started to worsen and the chest pains started.It used to be of short duration before but one episode I had just 6 days ago lasted longer and was intense ,it took a while for it to be over ,there was palpitations as well.It was the same day I had an appointment with my cardiologist and he said it could happen and explained it.Now within this week I’ve felt discomfort over my heart which is leaving me feeling anxious.
After the diagnosis I experienced shortness of breath once but I’m still not sure if it was because of anxiety or ASD
This has been my experience so far…