Chest tightness after ASD closure

Hello all! Our newest member @Areen is experiencing chest tightness and a “strange feeling” a year after her ASD catherization closure. Have any of you had a similar experience?

Are you on any medications @Areen? And what have your doctors said about this? I looked at some past threads with they keyword “chest tightness” and am hoping that potentially answers some of your concerns. Here is the link to that:

All the best, and here’s hoping it gets better! Keep us posted @Areen


Hi @Areen. I’m sorry you are having discomfort after your ASD closure. Mine was closed with the Amplatzer Occluder about 18 months ago. It’s been a Miracle for me. I had a large hole increasingly causing symptoms and then a TIA in my left eye.
Since the closure I feel better. I still have issues with heat or cold intolerance but nothing I can’t handle. Mostly, I feel great. I experience some tightness and discomfort if I bend down too far or when I’m emotionally upset. Ik pe, it sounds very weird but it’s happened too many times to be coincidence.
My advice would be to talk to your Dr. Trust your instincts and if something is bothering you, it’s worth discussing with the Doctor.
I think about the old joke… Doctor it hurts when I do this; Doctor replies, Then don’t do that.
I know, it’s not really funny when it’s you that hurts.
It may be something simple but either way, you will feel better for addressing the issue.
All the Best,

Hello everyone,
Thank you for your worm greetings,

First I’m sorry I think my english is not very good.

I don’t use any medication now

My doctor after the CT scan he said that the thing he saw in the U/S was fat .
My next appointment with him on December
But because I follow with another Dr at the same time I have an appointment on beginning of October.

Maybe all this thing come from emotional effect.

I need to ask one more question is there any study showed any relation between the congenital heart defects and depression ??

Thank you all for your great efforts

Areen, welcome! Your English is plenty good enough to participate here. We’re glad that you posted.

You can make it really easy for yourself though: if you go to you can try out the translator. Key in Arabic, and out comes English! We’ve seen it used for many languages – French, Italian, Swedish amongst others – and it works amazingly well. I can’t recall anyone using it for Arabic, though. Why not give it a try! (What’s the worst that can happen?)

I’m sure there must be studies showing a connection between CHD and depression: people with rare conditions, in general, suffer more depression for all kinds of reasons, so why not those with heart defects? It wouldn’t be surprising that something that makes you hurt, limits what you can do and makes you scared would also tend to make you depressed.

We’re so glad that you found us, and we hope that you are glad too!

Seenie from ModSupport