Post ASD closure surgery, achy heart

Hi everyone! I cant even begin to explain how happy I was to come across this support page for ASD patients! As most of you, I too was healthy, young and fit. Discovering my golf ball size hole at age 25 was something my doctors never expected, given I was told I had asthma (whether or not I still have asthma is still a mystery) and I was just lazy all my life…I chuckle every time I read a post about us ASD patients being called lazy! I have yet to find anyone to relate to, considering most cases are caught early in life. AGAIN, relief to find you guys!

Anyways, once we finally discovered the problem, I had my OHS November 2015. My surgery went great, recovery was about 8 weeks before I was able to go back to work and get back into the grind of things. My energy level significantly increased, I work out 2-3 days a week, and for the first time in my life, I experienced RUNNERS HIGH, it was amazing. I continued to see my cardiologist monthly, due to fluid build up around the heart. Now that the swelling is down I see him every 3 months.

My questions for yall is, do you experience achy pain around your heart? They usually last about 30min-1 hour and will come and go throughout the day. Not everyday, maybe 1-4x a month. Iv told my doctor about this, he puts me on a heart monitor, does echos and labs…and always says everything looks good. But I am still experiencing these aches. I would appreciate any kind of thoughts, suggestions or feed back on this.


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Hi, I actually am looking for an answer to the same question above, so I thought instead of starting a new post, I might as well follow the responses here. I too have noticeable pain these past few hours. It is in the heart and not the whole chest. Additionally, I feel jabs of pain sometimes when I move about. My recent check up with the doctor resulted in " everything is fine. your surgery was wonderful". Hence, here as I dont want the doc to suddenly treat me as a difficult patient. Plus I dont really want to go to them all the time. Its been a little over 2 months since my surgery. It was not OHS but through the artery- balloon surgery. Thanks