Closure in 2 weeks!

Hi all

I just got a call from the hospital. My closure procedure is in 2 weeks. I'm quite nervious.

I just turned 30. I have no many bad symptoms yet as far as I can tell and I exercise a lot. None the less I am happy it will be closed as the doctor says the hole is quite large and he is surprised that I can endure a ice hockey game.

Please tell me what to expect during and after the procedure... and wish me luck

How long before I can exercise again after the procedure?

Is the doctor right that my cardio can improve?



I had my procedure last March. It went very well and I feel great! I work out five days a week and for certain my stamina has greatly improved. I wish you the very best!

I just found out that I had a ASD this past December at the ripe old age of 60! The hole was closed on April 30th and the improvement was noticeable right away. Of course at 60, I was having a lot of trouble breathing doing just about anything. The procedure was as easy as the Dr. made it sound and I was awake and able to watch it while it was going on, on the monitor right above the bed. Truly remarkable. Stayed overnight in the hospital and was discharged the next day. I took aspirin and Plavix for 3 months and now just take the aspirin.

Good luck.

I had my closure done a year ago on Sept 7. You'll have to lay flat for at least four hours after the procedure and they keep you overnight to make sure everything is in place.

I had very little pain at the insertion site and the only restriction was no lifting anything over 5 pounds for at least 3 weeks, and no strenous excersice for at least a week.

I was only out of work for three days post procedure.

I too watched mine on the monitor and it was pretty interesting to see.

Best of luck Joaquin,

How soon you will be working out again depends on the method of closure, I think. Are you having it closed by a device or via open heart surgery?

I had mine closed almost 3 years now with the Amplatzer device. I feel my cardio has stayed about the same. I was not really having symptoms before though.

I was given 4 weeks of rest from physically strenuous exercise. I went back to work in two weeks. I think I started jogging and running at the 3 month mark. I really didn't feel like it before and I was dealing with palpitations after the procedure. These only lasted a couple of weeks to a month and have thankfully resolved.

I know there are others who have resumed their exercise schedule sooner.

Keep us posted and best of luck again!


I posted step by step process for my closure which was on 9/17...check it out

Hello John, hopefully the jitters have subsided and you are ready for good rests. I am sending good vibes your way.


Sending good thoughts and wishes your way! Hope that all goes well and that you will recover quickly and completely!


I had my procedure done Tuesday morning. I was very scared because the interventionist had told me my hole was quite big 3.5 x 2.5 cm) and there was the chance they would abort the procedure or the device could not be firmly placed and emergency surgery woul be needed to retrieve the device.

Thankfully, the cardiologist told my wife the procedure had gone better than expected and my heart was very strong and healthy.

i have had a couple of periods of palpitations.

Hello John,

Oh this is great news! I'm sure the relief that you and your wife felt was tremendous! I hope you continue to heal and prosper!

Wishing you WELL,