Post surgery exercise

Hi guys

I recently got diagnosed with ASD after years of palpitations, constant chest infections, dizziness and shortness of breath climaxing in spending a week in hospital. Doctors kept telling me I was suffering from anxiety which I knew seemed wrong and so was almost relieved to discover something was there and that it is treatable. I’m very active and compete and train 3-4 times a week so was wondering if anyone could share experiences of being active post surgery and how long to rest etc, also if you feel any better or worse doing so after closure. I am still awaiting the cardiologists review of whether to close or not but am hoping I can get catheterrization surgery and that it will improve my health.

Aplogies if there is already discussion on here about this but I am new to the resource but have taken great reassurance from the experiences I have read about.


Michael Thorburn

Hello Michael

I considered myself quite fit before the closure, but found that my exercise tolerance increased considerably afterwards. I took it easy for a couple of months but then was fine, and now run regularly, much easier than before.

Good luck


That’s really encouraging, thanks Helen!