Congenital heart defects and school?

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I just wanted to welcome our newest member, Izzy (@IzzRenshie). Izzy is a student from Australia, and has been diagnosed with ASD since childhood. Izzy was diagnosed after being admitted due to an asthma episode, and had a ASD and pulmonary stenosis closure afterwards. I myself am a student, but am just a volunteer here, and I can’t imagine how it must be to be living with such a heart condition at a young age. I specifically remember @cecilan1, also a student, who had a closure recently.

How have you been doing @IzzRenshie ? Do you think your student experience was affected by having ASD?

And @cecilan1 , it’s been a while since we have talked, but I see that you have been doing quite well in your recovery ! I hope school is coming along as well! Would love to hear an update.

Looking forward to hearing from you both.

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Hi :wave:t2: personally I don’t feel as if it has affected me very much due to how young I was when I had my correction surgery. I’ve only had really slight issues with heart rate/blood pressure, and the only precaution I take due to it is antibiotics before dental work or piercings.

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Welcome to the community, IzzRenshie! It’s great that you spoke up on this thread: even though your issues are slight, I’m quite sure that someone, somewhere read this and was soothed by your comments.

Many people panic when they are diagnosed with a tricky problem like an ASD, and yet a good number of those realize that with the way modern corrective procedures go, they can live virtually normal lives. That’s a very precious insight to have given to your fellow-ASDers! Somewhere, someone has been calmed by your share.

Thanks for speaking up! check the community every now and again, in case there’s someone else that could use your calming insight.

All the best to you downunder!

Seenie from ModSuport

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