We have a new member, Gaurav from India! Why not say "Hi!"?

Welcome to the asd/congenital heart defect community @gaurav . We’re glad that you found us, but very sorry to hear that the discovery of your heart problem has had such a bad impact on your life. (Note to other members: you can see gaurav’s profile and heart defect story by clicking on his avatar when it comes up, or by looking him up in “Members”.)*

I know that getting care is a worry for you, but of all the places to live in the huge country of India, your beautiful state of Kerala is probably the best place for health care. I know that Kerala has some of the best doctors in India.

Best of luck to you!

Seenie from Moderator Support

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Thank you for the support .I am admitted at hospital and have a minimally invasive surgery scheduled for tomorrow.

Gaurav, all the best to you. Let us know how things went when you’ve recovered.