Describe your palpitations pre-diagnosis?

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I was wondering if people could share what their palpitations were like before diagnosis? Were they skipped beats, hard beats, what time of day would they occur, in what situation, etc...



Hi Sam,

Though I belong to several of the rare disease groups here on Ben's Friends, I do not have ASD. I'm just a helping hand here, and wanted to say hello and hope that the group can offer you some good advice on dealing with this.

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Not thumps but fast pitter patter that would go on and on for maybe 2 weeks and then nothing for a month or two. Had flutter in throat which is from the tricuspid regurgitation which often accompanies ASD. Holter showed PVC’s which are not a big deal. My doc said they happen when atrium is stretched. Mine were certainly worse when I was anxious. I believe cause varies so this is all specific to my issues. They are worrisome little buggers regardless.u

Hi Sam, I’ve had palpitations all my life, but worsened so severely that I was evaluated by a cardiologist and the ASD was discovered. Holter monitor showed I was having 400 PVCs per hour. I was taking 100 mg of Metoprolol which helped. It felt like my heart would never go back in rhythm. It is a very unsettling feeling causing me extreme anxiety. Post ASD repair, I still get palpitations, but much less and now taking only 25 mg of metoprolol. I feel them more after eating or drinking caffeine. Of course they worsen if I get upset so I try not to go there. Regards, Jodie

I have had PVC's since my teens. I was put on Inderal to control them and at one point Corguard. After the birth of my third child they tapered down for awhile and then started back up.

Hi Sam.

Before my diagnosis I would notice an irregular heartbeat when I was quiet and still, as I fell asleep at night or after a meal. I found that slowly over time these symptoms would get worse and more intense as my condition got worse and my cardiac output was so poor I could hardly stand up without passing out. Skipped beats, hard beats, extra beats had them all for days on end. When the atrial fribulation bothered me the most was after or during an intense physical activity like judo, or a spin class or especially after pushing weights, or after a heavy meal. My asd was closed March 5 this year, and I am doing very well.

Got palpitations three years before I found out I had asd. Doctors didn't really believe me I thought, even though I had a heart mummer. They were very hard beats,not fast but not in rhythm with reg, heart beats. They were every few weeks at first and increased to several times a day. A hand full of times I almost passed out when I had them. I did not find that my related to activity or stress.