Heart Rhythm abnormalities

Hi! Im just curious. How many of the post-closure patients here have developed atrial fibrillation or any heart rhythm problems after the closure? Any inputs will be appreciated.


after my op I had a LOT of palpitations my resting heart rate was over 100bpm but this is very very normal as your hearts been threw a lot an is adjusting. I dived into getting fit and I now go to gym four times a week an my resting heart rate is now 65-75bpm an I am nine months today post op. I had a weeks holter monitor as I was experiencing “flutters” which I was aware of buy are normal in everyday person. Ectopic beats which I didnt have before but they dont effect me. I have loads of dr’s in my family an its very common after ohs to get atrial fibrillation.

its difficult after having an op as everything you feel you think is something terrible but it takes time to heal an time to adjust to normal things the heart does. Atrial fibrillation happens to normal people. Palpitations an ectopic beats also are very normal. I believe exercise has been the best healer in my recovery an I cant recommend it enough.

Hi. I had open-heart surgery almost 3 months ago-had a "sinus venous" closure through the use of a patch I now am part cow. I actually had atrial fibrillation before surgery and had tried cardioversion 2x but with no success. After surgery I experienced a few, maybe 5 or so, palpitations. I had a 24 hr Holter monitor which showed the beats were even but the atrial beat is very fast. I'm not currently feeling the palpitations anymore but still n ot feeling so well. My cadiologist is going to talk to the electrophysiologist about whether or not to try another cardioversion. He has also spoken about increasing the cardizem to further slow the atria. I think I would pass out if we did this as my BP is generally under 100/70. We'll see what he says. I would like to know what it feels like to be in normal rhythm and have the ASD fixed.

I don't know if this helps any. I guess we're all just learning as we go on.

I've never been diagnosed with A-Fib, but I did have some heavy palpitations about 10 days post closure, and I do still struggle with my "normal" palpitations. They are becoming less and less all the time. Why do you ask?

Yep post op flutters and crazy heart beats post op for me too, was on beta blocker but just made me feel awful plus when your resting heart rate is 48 then races to 100 it feels pretty disturbing but since i came off the meds and my heart rate has increased to a slightly more normal 60-70 it doesn't feel quite so dramatic but i still get the flutters bizzarely especially when I have a cold drink too fast

I'll be very interested in your replies. I'm now 4 weeks post closure (device via catheter) and over this past week, having felt relatively ok in the first 2 weeks, I have noticed irregular heart rhyhm and pouding heart and throbbing in my gullet. The cardiac nurses suspect AF, so I've just sent back a 24 hr ECG tape to see if that's what it is. I'm hoping it calms down. But it'd be interesting to see if it's common, or even normal, after surgery - as it's quite unnerving when it happens. Emma

Has ASD/AFib/LAD bypass repair and open heart DaVinci turned into Sternotomy in 11/2009. I was 55 years old w/ severe dyspnea and cough and not much of any other symptoms. An now in hospital w/ PVT and they are treating me w/ anti-arrhythmic med.

Halter monitor went off on first of 30 day assignment and went in ambulance to hospital. Heart rate 40. BP was 150/100. I’m “normally” 63 Heart rate BP 90/60.

Hope meds keep PVCs away!