Gore helex

Anyone have recent experience with the gore Helex approach for asd closure?

I had Amplatzer septal Occluder and cardiac cath done at same time. Amplatzer has more nickel in it but so far seems to be area you live in and preference of MD doing procedure. Amplatzer approved by FDA 2001 and I believe gore helex 2006 or 2007. Is your surgery soon?
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PS this horrendous cold I am slowly getting over is and was much worse then repair surgery but I never had open heart surgery.

Had asd closure with gore helix in 12/13. Was painless and uneventful but unfortunately it did not close hole. I was told the asd had very jagged edges and the device was not successful in closing it. We waited 6 months to see if there would be closure during which time my tricuspid regurgitation became severe. I had tricuspid valve repair, ASD closure and device removal via open heart surgery in 9/14. My recent bubble echo showed complete closure. Cath closure is the way to go if your doctors feel it will work. OHS is a big deal but I had no choice and doing well. Good luck

I had the Gore Helex placed on 12/3/14. The procedure went very well and everything I have heard about the device is positive. Unfortunately, my symptoms of low oxygen/chest pain/short of breath returned a week later. I am back at Mayo now and the good news is that the device is still in place. Bad news is they have to find another cause. Good luck with everything!

2.5 years and the Gore Helex has unsealed or something so now I am not sure what will happen.

Hi. The Gore Helex is the way to go. I had it November 9, 2012 and I am doing well. I am a 28 year old female and had no other symptoms after closure. I have heard age is a large factor. Some advice; make sure you have an experienced doctor. Most problems happen when people have the device placed by a doctor that does not do the procedures often. There are specific doctors that specialize for adults and others for children. My cardiologist sent me to another city to have it done because he didn't think the doctors in my city were experienced enough.

The right side of my heart was twice the size on my left side before the procedure, but went back to normal 1 month post-op. Recently, I have moved to another country, and my new doctor heard a slight murmur, and the cardiologist I went to saw some blood moving up and down the device. However, I had a TCD with bubble (which visualizes blood flow to the brain) and everything looked fine. Maybe I will have an ECD with bubble soon to make sure. However, this issue is not uncommon and it doesn't actually mean anything is what I have been told. Plus, we all have to have our yearly ECDs anyway.


Thank you all for the feedback

How do you feel the first days and weeks after surgey? How long did you have to take an anticoagulant if any?

Hi, for Amplatzer 6 months plavix( generic) and 1 baby aspirin daily and then off all. Had awful symptoms pre repair so for 10 days ill post repair then wow, new me! But because of age and bad degree of pre repair problems by 1 month some symptoms returned. Obviously, now better to be repaired earlier as adult, even docs admit that! Good luck!

My surgery is scheduled for January 21. I’m having the Gore Helex approach because I have allergies to metals. And cannot wear jewelry. This is my first time having surgery so it’s unknown how my body will react to it but that’s why we are going with the gore helex as opposed to the amplatzer because there’s less metal. My doctor is experienced with the gore technique and says he always recommends that approach.

I hope everything went well and you are feeling better.