Helex and amplatzer

Has anyone had both closure devices helex and amplatzer surgically inserted? If so why did your intervention cardiologist choose this option?

I had an Amplatzer Septal Occluder via right groin called percutaneous on 10/31/13. I had a secundum ostium and they used a 1.8 cm Occluder on me. My hole only measured max .7 but even MD said too symptomatic and hole was probably larger. Well it was. ASD holes are not donut shaped but usually egg or oval shaped. I had many tests (TEE included) but again hole was small, or so they thought( cardiologists). No problems in hospital, just drove everyone crazy signing a silly song.
History so far with Amplatzer says possible allergy to nickel or erosion at site. Gore helex says possible fracture of device. My doctor was talented with Amplatzer so that’s what I got. It depends on patient, doctor and surgical- center. Good luck, Linda

I had both devices inserted back in 2012. Due to size and position of both the ASD and PFO and one of each was available at the time of the repair. I haven't had any problems with either and at each follow up Echocardiogram they are still in the correct position. Good luck.

Hi to you all,

Just wanted to know how are you doing now that you have had surgery for more than a few years. Is everything ok or some new problems come up down the road?

Its a little over a year since I had the occluder through catheter and I have to live with a lot of weird sensations in the heart, pain, at times when I move forward I feel there is a nail/ screw which is in my heart (its quite funny actually) or a loose screw I suppose. I cant sleep on my left side and wake up immediately if I turn on that side as I need to correct my sleeping posture.

While the pain a little less these days as I post but the breathlessness is alarmingly high and something I never thought of all my life. I am not obese but slightly overweight and doctors think it might be that which is making me breathless as the tests (x ray and 2 d echo) show that everything is normal inside. They have asked me to do some pulmonary tests at my own pace as they dont think its serious. So, I am taking my time and trying to lose weight and see if my breathing is less labored after that.

Do you feel breathless or anything else? Does this surgery really solve our problem and we can live a normal life or should we be cautious? My doctors say I should live normally and even lift weights . LOL so I dont know if I should be worried.

Your experiences might just be great to know whats in store down the road.


I had a helix device inserted via my groin on 04/30/2009. I had open heart surgery six weeks ago to remove it. I recently found out that I am allergic to nickel, but was never tested for an allergy. My current doctor had to cut the device out of my heart and was sble to close the hole with stitches. I just turned 34 two weeks ago.
I was tested for nickel allergy because I have been sick since the helix device was placed.
I am feeling quite alone at depressed. I am unable to drive for a few more weeks. I have two kids (17 and 9) and an amazing husband.
I’m feeling quite worthless as well.
Has anybody else experienced this?

Hi Carrie, sorry to hear that you were given a treatment w/o testing for nickel allergies. And then the subsequent corrective surgery sounds bad. Wish you a speedy recovery.

I am better these days as. I am trying to lose weight. But some of the pain, discomfort and breathless ness exists.