Has anyone stopped taking their medication before advised?

Just wondering if anyone just stopped taking their anticoagulants before the “term” as they make me feel so awful and the side effects are worse than the symptoms I had from the ASD! I felt better before the operation :frowning:

I had to take it for 30 days and aspirin 81 for life.

Talk to your doctor to see if they can use a different medication then.

I cut my dosage in half and that has helped me not to feel as bad but I still am not back to feeling good as I did before surgery. I didn’t tell my doctor, but I do monitor my BP and HR throughout the day and it stays pretty steady.

I have been on Ramipril 2.5mg since Oct 2018. Last week, after Echo, doctor told me to stop taking ramipril.
I felt very weak and had many sleepless nights while taking ramipril and also developed knee pain. Dont know whether Ramipril is the reason for the knee pain .Anyhow after stopping medication, i feel better.