How long after device closure before I can go back to work?

I only work part time, but it is an active job.

I did e-mail the dr about it because I think it's something we forgot to discuss.

Scheduled for an Amplatzer device closure on May 23. Dodged OHS for now, so I'm pretty stoked to get it over with.


I worked in Retail before, its an active job. I'm back to work after a month after my surgery, but I have medical restriction for 3 weeks not to lift that can be strenuous to my recent open heart surgery. Your doctor can sign off if you are ready, everybody's healing and motivation are different

I know the main concern is the vein in your leg since that might be the entry point for your closure. I am a teacher so pretty active as far as walking around. I think I was off for about a week (don't quote me on that) but had to be careful with my leg due to the vein and lifting limitations. If you are in a really active job with physical requirements that are more demanding you'd probably need more time. In the hospital you will need to hold still for quite a while in order to get good closure on that vein.I can remember the nurse holding it for a long time with pressure. For me, that was the most uncomfortable part the rest was a breeze compared to other surgeries etc. I have had. In fact, my birthday was the day after my closure and I felt really good!

I was back to work in 1 month after the device, I work as a Social Worker in a hospital, is very hectic.

Pria, I also work in hospital. My doctor said 3 days I could be back to work.

Why were you out for so long? Did you have symptoms that continued for the month you were out? I'm having an Amplatzer Device.

I'm just curious why my Dr said go back so soon.

STACE-I will be spending one night in the hospital for that reason---to make sure there are no issues with the femoral vein. I guess I will have to have another talk with my dr. Thanks for your reply. BTW-no issues since your closure with device?