Hypertension control in ASD

I am 67 year old. I month ago I did heart ultrasonography and ECG. Doctor told me that I have a big ASD, I degree AV block, right his bundle block, tricuspid valve insufficiency. It was a shock for me, because I have no symptoms or complains. Fortunately I have a left to right shunt. Doctor recommended me a open cardiosurgery, but I am afraid. I have a one question. I am taking nifedipine for hypertension. What is a drug of choice to control blood pressure in my situation? Thanks for your help

Best to talk to cardiologist about drugs day of surgery and post op. He will have best input.

Hi Tina,

I can imagine what a shock this must have been. My large ASD was found by going to a pulmonologist for severe breathing issues and circulation. He told me my main problem isn't breathing and put me in the hospital for testing. It was a complete shock and within 3 days my family was told I would need an immediate open heart surgery to repair the hole. We were told there wasn't much more time to repair before it was too late and I had Eisenmeiger's. For me it was a hidden problem for 35 years. I am now 37. The surgery was extensive with complications. I had an enlarged heart and several holes in addition to other issues. Unfortunately, the first surgery did not fix all the problems and within a few hours they had to take me back in to surgery because I had a heart anuerysm and they had to fix the bleeding. It has been a very slow recovery for me. I still have pain often. I don't want to be discouraging to you. My surgery was necessary but very difficult. I developed pulmonary arterial hypertension as a result of the damage over the years. I am being treated for the condition. I wish you the very best Tina. Please let us know how you are doing.


I had a big vent in my heart, got diagnosed at 36 yrs, had surgery to repair it immediately, which was a failure, Docs were planning to post for another surgery when Cardio vascular surgeon informed about the amplatzer device, now i have a device implanted, but got diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension soon after, am on 10 mg hypertension medications but still have severe headaches due to HTN. Other than that I am fine. Hope you will come out of it well, which I am sure. Please keep us updated about it.