I have 19mm Asd

I went to the National hospital to do TOE test. It was harder than i thought. They confirmed they can use device closer method to closed thar hole in the heart.
Still my throat feeling bad. It is hurting. Today is like a dream. I never expect to face this kind of situation.
Im afraid of that operation. Anyway I have to wait another 2 months to do that.

I’m sure you’ll do wonderful… Why are they waiting 2 months?

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The hospital has long queue for heart surgery

I also had a large ASD that was successfully closed almost 3 months ago via CATH. Am doing pretty well now, occasionally have some chest pains (nothing major) but they go away after awhile. I noticed I only have them when sitting or relaxing, never seems to bother me when I am active. Am hoping that as the heart tissue grows over the device the pains will subside, so 6 months from now…fingers crossed.
The soreness in your throat from the TEE is normal and will gradually go away over a few days.
I also waited some months between diagnosis and having the procedure. I was 67 at the time & guess my cardiologist (he is a very good one) realized that there was no crisis here.
My only pre-surgery advice is:

  1. get an experienced ASD cardiologist that has done many CATH closures
  2. the hospital you go to has an excellent Heart unit
  3. be positive, attitude is a force multiplier!
    All the best
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Oh, got it. Are you experiencing symptoms?

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Yes understand, but to go on each day suffering,I love it when I dream ,sometimes I wish I could stay in my dream, n not wake up ------ tachycardia n high blood pressure spikes are the real nightmares ,life after 50 ,is not always "The Golden Years Ha Ha, Just another good ole American Soldier ,laughing in the face of death " ---- to you I’d say ,go forth with the operation ,if you don’t make it ,you’ll get to stay in one of those perpetual nice dreams ,or at least see the otherside !!!

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Thanks for your story. How long I have to wait in home after surgery?

Actually I didn’t have symptoms. I just did full body check up

Chamin, I was in the hospital overnight (wednesday). After an ECG showed
the device was in place and had not moved I was cleared to go home
(thursday). Other than being a bit tired and my throat was quite sore from
the TEE I was pretty good. Got a good nights sleep and next day, (Friday)
felt great…other than the sore throat. Went out to lunch with my wife &
did some putting at the golf course. Pretty amazing! I purposefully took
it easy for the next 30 days post OP, no strenuous activity, no lifting any
weight over 10 lbs. but other than that was relatively active. After 30
days was back to a normal routine.
Everyone is different and has different outcomes, so far, mine has been
very good. I will tell you though that I had a bad experience with Eliquis
which my cardiologist prescribed for me. I took the first dose Friday
night (day after coming home) and had a bad reaction to it, thought I would
have to go to the emergency room. By sunday morning after a pretty bad
weekend I figured the eliquis was the problem and remembered that In the
hospital, they gave me Plavix after the procedure and I seemed to tolerate
it well. The Doc put me back on Plavix and the bad reaction stopped. Have
read that others have had a bad reaction to Plavix but were OK with other
thinners. So, as I said earlier, everyone is different. After 6 months
post-OP we will try the eliquis again.
Another thing I’ve learned…about myself anyway and may not pertain to
others, is that many vitamin and mineral supplements do not mix well with
heart medications. Using them, even 6 hrs apart causes pain and distress
in my chest so I do not take those supplements any more. I only mention
this as an advice that sometimes things that you don’t think are a problem
can become one once you start taking meds. Before this heart issue came up
the only medicine I took was occasional anti-inflammatory for joint
pain…there are days that I feel all of my 68 years! But mostly, I feel
great and hope the same for you.
All the best, JJ

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Wow, what country are you in. Your doctors seem awesome! I had extreme
dypnea and tachycardia for years before my doctors figured out what was
wrong lol

Im srilankan

I know it’s hard but try not to worry. I think your in great hands!!

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