My question

Hi all,

First I like to thank to the group who gave support to me.
I have a 5 year old daughter.
She has been diagnosed with an ostium secundum ASD right on day 5 of her life.
At that time we were told to wait as there are chances to close by itself.
We had our next echoes at 6 months, 3 years and now at 5 years. But still it didn’t close.
The ASD is 8*10 mm high ostium secundum.still how much time can wait for the automatic closure.

It should have closed by now. I was VERY symptomatic and my mom pushed to get mine diagnosed but it took until I was 8 to find it but technology has come a long way! If she is not having symptoms they might not close it until she does. It does not affect some children.

Hi Hari,
I would agree with GAmomof3. It should have closed by now. I have a cousin “male” whose ASD did not close till nine. So I’ve been told. I can’t verify this. But I know he was watched very closely. It may have been a PFO for all I know. His hole was very small and he presented with no symptoms. Does that mean you should wait? I don’t know. Does this MD take time to talk with you and can you ask questions comfortably? If you are unsure and insurance is not an issue maybe you can get a second opinion. You sound concerned but unsure of how to proceed. All I know is that all congenital cardiologist say that a hole should be repaired by age 25 or if any symptoms occur.
Of course surgery is always easiest on the young. Just an opinion. Hopefully some parents will respond. Thanks, Linda

What are the symptoms I should look for or I should notice.
In general what are Asd’s symptoms?
I am here by attaching her latest echo report.
From that can anyone help me reg degree of urgency of surgery?

Here are the reports
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Image 3
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I was extremely tired. I would play for an hour and come in and sleep for 3. I would also turn blue when playing hard.

i’m not able to see reports but common symptoms are dizziness and passing out. Exercise intolerance, easily fatiguable, and shortness of breathe. cyanosis(turning blue) is not a good sign. elevated blood pressure starts with exercise, some have chest pain and feel their heart beating((palpitations).Some have murmurs. we are all diagnosed at different ages but due to new technology in recent years and quicker response time, patients are found at younger ages. i believe there are 2 parents from your country who have been on site. check members. one parent talked about a very good doctor. I’m not sure they live near you. I will try to view your records if I can but sorry you are having to go through this.

Based on what I learned during my own research for my ASD, your daughter's ASD should have closed by now (usually by 2 years old). How is she feeling? What are the doctors saying now? I lived within mine until I was 33 when it was randomly diagnosed during sinus surgery (internist spotted it on my ECG).