1month old with asd

My baby boy is born with preauricular tags so Dr asked us to do echo test n in echo we got 3mm os asd left to rt shunt…on 6th day we had done tests…Dr told nothing to worry it is not even considered as a hole so jst leave for ur satisfaction repeat echo arnd 6months…we r worried alot plz if anyone HV experience plz share …3mm os asd will close naturally?

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Hey Supriya,
I have a hole in my heart and it never got detected as a child. I never had issues all my childhood and even during pregnancy. It was caught during routine check up recently and I am waiting for my surgery. I am 37 year old and so far no issues. I know it is overwhelming to know there is hole in the heart. As far as I know if the baby doesn’t have significant issue, doctors usually wait for few years to see if the hole closes on its own. All my doctors in USA told me that, if the hole doesn’t get closed by age of 5 medical intervention is required. I am not a doctor but have asked so many questions to my cardiologist and surgeons. I know as a mother it is very scary. But don’t worry. As doctor suggested repeat the echo every six months to make sure hole is closed and there is no left to right shunting. Good luck

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Thank u chaitra for ur reply…wish u a success surgery n u should lead a happy lyf…

From what I learned, the PFO/Shunt can take up to the age of 2 to shut.

Does he have any other conditions? Ie vomiting, breathing issues, gray toes, TIAs circulation issues?

I lived 46 years before they found mine. They told me I had the biggest possible; that it didn’t even try to close.

Would I recommend ignoring it for forever, no, but closing it if he ever has to do a catheter in heart, has other complications.

I strongly believe if mine was found in childhood, I would of saved years of digestive issues, migraines, breathing issues, and chest pains.

Hi No other issues … praying god to heal naturally…

Thank you @Chaitra and @Bistlinelv for the great insight. This situation reminded me of a previous discussion thread that may be of some comfort to you @Supriya. Here is the link to that thread: 2 days baby found ASD

Please keep us updated @Supriya, we are all rooting for you, and we hope to help you as much as you need.

-Arjuna from ModSupport

Can anyone help me …my baby boy s 1.5months old and hvng 3mm os asd …LL it close naturally? We had done echo on his 6th day after birth…can dey identify os asd at such a small age it may also be pfo ryt?