OHS vs Robotic minimally invasive surgery

Hi all,
My 19 year old son was diagnosed with an ASD with no rim and the hole is too big for closure through the catheterization process.Our heart surgeon is in favor of Open Heart Surgery.he says he does not recommend the robotic surgery.His hole is 27 mm and his right side of heart is slightly dilated.
I am trying to understand if Robotic surgery for this closure is an option at all or is OHS the only way to go.
This is so painful :((

As i said i did my asd operation with davinci robot. My recovery was fast. I feel great now

Hi @srg537,

I had hole which is around 34/35 MM. For me also catheterization process is not possible. I have met 7/8 Cardiologist, 3 suggested me minimally invasion surgery, and I have done same. within 1 month, I joined office and I run, back to normal life. ASD surgery is simplest surgery in heart surgery. But There are comfort level with types of procedures. Some Dr are very comfortable with open heart, So They usually suggest OHS. One of best Dr in India whose has 30 year of experience , told me that minimally invasion surgery is not good, go for OHS. he is best Dr, But still I go with minimally invasion surgery. I think u should check with 3/4 more Cardiac surgeon who are expert in Robotic surgery or minimally invasion, and decide,
You son will be fine.
Best of Luck.

Thanks for answering Prashant.
Great to hear that you were back in office and to normal life within a month of the surgery.
Will consult 2-3 other doctors too.Thanks

It does depend. In my case the hole was bigger (close to 30mm) and right against a valve. OHS was the only option. But I can say that, regardless, if your son needs OHS, an 19-year old should pull through it very well. I was 45 when mine was done, and did very well. I would get another opinion though.

My doctor told me Minimally invasive is the best method for closing asd if you don’t have any other complications .As for now my surgery is on 6th next month , I’m both excited and worried ,my shunt is large with 32mm ,So cannot use device closure .

Yeah I survive ,I don’t have any shunt now ,healthy and happy now ,I can feel the improvement in lungs already ,am writing this 10 days after my surgery and thanx for all the care and support