Pain below left breast after Gore Helix procedure in March

I have felt mostly great since my closure in March. However, I do have discomfort some of the time below my left breast. Sometimes it is an intense ache that keeps me from getting comfortable in bed or sitting up. I feel it is worse when I lie on either side. I mostly sleep on my back because of it. Anyone else experience this? I am seeing the cardiologist next week for my follow up appointment.

Due to my metal intolerance they used the Gore Helix for my closure procedure 4 years ago. I still get some pain around my left breast area from time to time. All tests show that my heart is in top shape and they attribute the pain to chest wall cavity pain. It is basically accumulated stress. I'm kind of ok with this explanation since it does come back more when I am overtired or stressed over something. I hope all goes well for you.

I had my device implanted four years ago in March and I have the same pressure and pain when lying on my left side. I sometimes will get it if I over-exert or breathe too deeply, too fast. I've found that deep breathing exercises -- like when I'm trying to relax --actually make the pain worse. I haven't said anything to my doctor about the pain because it's not constant but I am relieved to hear it seems fairly innocuous.

Thanks to all who replied! Very helpful information! I'll mention it to my doctor next week but feel it is probably nothing to be concerned about after hearing from everyone!


When do you get this pain ? Is it after you eat or all the time ?

I get the pain often when I go to bed or when riding in the car. I do not seem to experience it after eating.