Get pain in the heart

I keep feeling pain at times. To describe it is like a sudden jab. Is this a new normal? Do you experience it?

Also a burning sensation at times.

My test results come back normal. I started weight training again and noticed the pain is there. Fyi, i felt pain prior to that too. Regards Ashish

I’ve had that problem but attributed it to anxiety caused chest pain and also some acid reflux. If I lay down too soon after eating, I get some bad heartburn. Stressful situations cause me to get chest pain.

That means these are part of life after surgery and running to the er each time is unnecessary. Thats a load off my chest. Thanks a lot.

You should probably bring it up with your cardiologist and primary care doctor. I sometimes just a sudden jab pain that feels like an electric shock. I have no idea what that’s from but it doesn’t happen much.

Just responded to your other reply. I do experience these electric shocks and jabs of pain MOST OF THE TIME hence I have been here looking to see if others feel it too as my subsequent visits to the doctors have led to more tests which show the device is securely in place and there is nothing wrong with me physiologically and they have nothing else to prescribe. And very gently some of the doctors add that perhaps its in my mind! LOL.

I dont know how to respond to that when a doctor says that as I would expect a lot of patients would have met them sharing similar symptoms. I cant possibly be the only one in all their years of practice. So now I dont go to them else I would go nuts and bankrupt. LOL

Recently I thought I might have a nickel allergy as they did not test me for it before the procedure and placed the occluder anyways.

To a certain extent I guess I am like accepting it all and trying to lead a normal life each day. But yes, if there is something really wrong with me then I guess I must go to the doctors. I just dont know what that really wrong thing is going to be like but for now I have come to accept these jabs and pains as side effects and part of life.

Please see my response to your other post about these pains. My husband is 1 month post pfo closure with the amplatzer pfo occluder done by catheter and having the same pains and symptoms you have been describing. Almost identical as in the sharp shooting pains, almost feeling like electric shocks, he can’t lay on his left side because he says he can feel the device in his heart and it’s uncomfortable. Trying to figure out what could cause this since he never had any of these symptoms before the surgery.

Hi Shaney, I did respond to your other post but to add to it I think this is a side effect of the surgery and nobody pays much attention to it. The only analogy I am basing this on is that chemo patients have a port put in to get the treatment and they too feel the device but there is nothing else to it. But as your cardiologist says that the heart does not have pain receptors then I am confused. Also, dont patients with heart attacks / failure grab their chests in pain/ suffocation? Even Mayo clinic and other websites say that pain in the chest is a symptom of a possible oncoming heart attack. Not sure how to explain that. Regards Ashish


Yes I too was very confused about the heart not having any pain receptors. The only thing I could find is that during a heart attack it’s the muscles surrounding the heart that cramp up and cause pain not the actual heart. Having said that the only thing I can think of is that when the mesh implant was put in to close the hole, tissue started growing around the mesh and that tissue is attached to muscles? Maybe different activities pull on those muscles which then tugs the tissue and creates the sensation of pain and feeling the device you both are describing? It’s honestly so strange that you both describe the exact same thing even down to not being able to lay on your left side anymore. That is the thing that drives my husband crazy, it literally will wake him up of he turns on his left side in his sleep because the pain/ feeling it gives him. I also find it very frustrating that the Dr’s seem to think this pain is no big deal or that it’s not associated with the device when neither of you had these symptoms before.