Random bruising

Does anyone experience random bruising on their hands and fingers? Had closure 2 months ago and I do suffer from bad bruising due to medication but getting them in fingers and hands without any trauma?

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I never had. Maybe from you taking blood thinners?

I do get bruises, but just assume I don’t notice the trauma at the time! Mine never “hurt” and are usually quite small. I’m still on anti-coag. Seem to get most bruises on my legs or arms, consistent with knocking into furniture (and clearly not really noticing !). Always get a bruise from giving blood.

Yours look more like being around finger joints, if I’m seeing photo right? If I was pretty sure I hadn’t knocked myself, & was getting bruises regularly, I think I’d get it checked out…?

Thank you I have sent images to my consultant and hope it’s just a side effect of the tablets I can’t wait to be off them as put on another 2lbs this week even with going to gym!

Hi Leanne - just wondering, blood collecting under skin + weight gain --> could there be some sort of fluid retention going on? Doc often asks me about swelling & fluid.
Glad you’re checking with consultant, though just to note, I couldn’t see the bruises very well on the photo, maybe check with a few people & adjust photo contrast?

I have no idea? I always seem to hold fluid and trying to drink loads of water to loose the weight, not noticed feet or ankles swollen. Not seeing consultant until end December now :grimacing:


I’m on low dose ASA only and I get the same once in awhile. It is bleeding into soft tissues from probable minor trauma. It does not hurt, just looks very dramatic.

Hello, I also have had spontaneous bruising for several months. Mostly around my thumb joint. I recently showed it to my Dr. and he had my platelets checked. Bloodwork shows that the clotting factor is slow due to taking Plavix and aspirin. I can not stop them at this point so my Doc is going to check platelets every 4 months and suggests wearing a Slip on sleeve over my hand for support and protection. I have been wearing it during the day for about a week and I think it’s helping. Good luck to you.

Thank you I also contacted doctor and he said get a full blood count done also but I’ve decided to stop taking the plavix and just take the aspirin now

I hope it helps. Please let me know.:blush:

Hi, how are you doing Leanne?
I’ve had some new bruising. Been on first holiday post op, got mosquito bites. Any I couldn’t help scratching, turned into a bruise.

One bite was from infected insect & I had a hard time fighting the infection - doc gave me antibiotics in the end. He said that the huge pink-blue circle around the infected bite was a haemotoma, ie a bruise from leaking blood due to warfarin, as body tried to fight off the infection.

Ive never really bruised but since ive been on heart tablets, i bruise like a banana