How do you feel about robotic surgery? It passes 2 months since i did it and i feel all right. I would like to know other opions about recovery

Did you have to have open heart surgery? I did about six weeks ago because I am allergic to nickel (just found out). I had a PFO device that was implanted 8.5 years ago.

I ad Robotic surgery with davinci robot which is not open heart. It is minimally invasive!with fast recovery and without cut on chest, just a few traces on my right.

How long did you have your device? I wish I could have had your type of surgery. I was unable to work and even drive for ten weeks. I am still recovering, and will be for at least eight more months

the holes were covered with a patch. the patch is covered with pericardium. recovery was very fast, I can move. in maximum one month I recovered.

Hi andreea , good to hear that you are doing well.I am having a 27mm ASD .As of now all those stories which i read online about Post -robotic surgery experiences are positive and encouraging .Currently i am in a GCC country with poor healthcare facilities.Once i reach India , i am planning to consult an experienced robotic surgeon.
Are you currently taking any medications.

No. I dont take any medication