Regarding dental clearance for open heart surgery

Hi Everyone,
My husband has an ASD which was discovered in this February. He is recommended to have Open heart Surgery which we are planning to do next month. We were asked for dental clearance. My husband had teeth cleaning and filling but was also diagnosed with periodontal teeth condition and recommended to do deep cleaning. The dentist said deep cleaning can be done even after his Open heart surgery because they do not have appointments till August. But I am still worried whether his periodontal would be any issue for his surgery. Could anyone please advice me on this if you had same experience?

Soma- is your husband not a candidate for ASD closure via Cath?


There are new endocarditis prophylaxis guidelines- check with your cardiologist what they are for the procedure the dentist wants to do; your cardiologist would suggest the antibiotics to use before dental work if indicated by guidelines.

If possible wait 6 months after open heart to get any dental work done.

Hi JJinVABch,
Yes the doctors said heart Cath could not be carried out.

Thank you Dvorak.

Soma - have had both hips replaced as well as an ASD closure. The Docs are afraid of bacteria, especially dental bacterias causing infection In & around the device. Your husband’s periodontal disease may not be an issue but since the cardiologist asked for a dental clearance he must have a concern. My preference would be get the perio deep cleaning done then have the ASD closure. Ask the cardiologist what he thinks is best.
As Dvorak mentioned, pre-dental cleaning/work anti-biotics will be required after the ASD closure.