RVSP 7 years after closure


I had my asd surgically closed in 2014. I was 50 when I had the asd closed and it was large with no rim. Things went well, only a few complications. Back to teaching full time ever since. On echo, RVSP was 32 or reported as 30-40. Then, in 2018, I had a new echo tech and RVSP was 43. I do have mild tricuspid regurgitation. That sent me to a specialist in PH who did another echo RVSP 32 and aced the stress test. PH specialist said I didn’t have pulmonary hypertension. Back to regular cardiologist this year and RVSP is 34 and he says I definitely have mild pulmonary hypertension and as long as it stays mild I am fine. Thinking of going back to specialist. I have no symptoms, am not tired and actually walked 10 miles on Sunday. I am super scared. Has anyone else had this happen?