Social Security Questions

My family has come upon some hard times lately and it was suggested to us to try and get social security for my son to help us out. I currently am a single mother of two since I have found out my son has the ASD it's hard for me to trust just anyone watching him. He has been healthy and growing and no one can tell there is anything wrong with him. He is on the short side while my other son is pretty tall. When he was a few months old around 4am my motherly instincts kicked in and woke me up to him making weird noises in his crib. He was gurgling and choking and couldn't breathe. I had been certified in first aid and CPR at the beginning of my pregnancy and I am very thankful for it. At first when I found my son like that I wanted to panic but I remembered my training and checked his mouth and nothing was in it. I flipped him over at a downward angle and patted his back then checked him again and had to repeat it a few time before finally a long thick string of saliva came out and he caught his breathe. I was so scared. I was told I should have called 911 but as I said before I am a single mom and was home alone with both my children. All I could think about was getting my baby breathing again. When we made it to the doctor that's when they discovered he had a heart murmur and sent us to a cardiologist where they found the ASD. They said the murmur was normal and should close on its own but we had to monitor the ASD. He was fine for a while then one day he got over excited playing with his brother and I noticed he started coughing from laughing so much then I seen he was a little blue around the mouth. So after all the little things with him I worry a lot about him. Its very hard to find someone who understands your worries and will watch my son like I would and notice his little changes. Anyways that's a little about our history but now my family is struggling and people have suggested I look into getting social security to help pay for some things until he has it closed and I feel comfortable leaving him with a babysitter. So my question is would my son qualify for social security since he has an ASD? I've done research online and I've had very little luck so I was hoping someone on here may have received some assistance and could give me some advice on what to do.


They have a lot of good info for adults with congenital heart defects including social security claims. I know it’s for your son, but they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck.