Sudden onset Fatigue after Asd closure

Hello, I recently had the procedure done with the amplatzer device. I was told that I had a residual shunt but nothing to worry about. But today at work I had a sudden onset of weakness, fatigued, blurred vision and heaviness of the whole body. I had to push my self. I felt so bad I went into the restroom and laid down. I want to know if anyone else has experienced this and is it part of the heart process adjusting to the device. I did contact my cardiologist but no response as of yet. Thanks!

Dear Punkin,

Please take good care of yourself. I know that the very last place you want to go is the hospital, but if you must, please don't fight it! I'm not the heart expert here, just very concerned for you.

Just remember, that most surgeons are not known for bedside manner, so keep that in mind!

Wishing you well,


Hello there. Sorry to hear you are feeling like this. I did too for 3 months after my closure with the occlutech device in September 2013. I got so weak I'd have to lie down and often felt feint. I also had a few episodes of blurred vision. Are you on plavix / clopidogrel to prevent clots whilst healing? A side effect of plavix can be weakness and fatigue (& also anaemia given it is thinning the blood). As soon as my cardiologist took me off the plavix 3 months after my procedure I bounced right back to my normal energetic self. hope this helps. All the very best, Sarah

Thanks everyone, I am on Plavix and I was anemia a few weeks ago. I didn’t think of this until your post. Thanks so much!!!

Hi punkin98, reading responses please don’t self diagnose. Anemia, plavix have problems but better to have a good repore with cardiologist. Anton made good points size of residual hole important. Don’t accept MD saying hole is insignificant. That is totally unacceptable! Any side effects should be addressed by cardiologist and I can’t stress this enough CONGENITAL cardiologist. Just because repaired and yours isn’t even repaired completely, doesn’t mean follow up no longer required. Nothing against cardiologist but we fall into a different category. All of us who were born with congenital heart defects must be followed for life. How else are those after us ever to be helped in childhood if we don’t follow through. I have similar problems and with much encouragement finally scheduled with congenital md. I also stopped plavix early and started taking iron supplement. Didn’t work! That’s called self diagnosis. 2 ER visits and 2 admissions are enough to realize better care is needed. Residual hole probably still shunting and you are getting side effects but I’m not doc. If PCP or cardiologist won’t take action, move on. It’s your body , not theirs! Hopefully only simple problem but fact that you have residual hole requires further investigation and like all of us, follow up for life! Not intended to scare you, just motivate you! I don’t have all the answers. Each of us has completely different symptoms, situations and treatments. Thanks, Linda

Thanks Linda. I have an appointment in the morning. My first cardiologist didn’t even find the defect. I had and echo and ekg with him. I thought he was a good doctor until I got pregnant. I had problems controlling my blood pressure, he told me to come back and see him at 8 months. My OB took over. After the pregnancy I got referred to another cardiologist who found the hole during the first echo. I was referred over to a cardiac surgeon who performed the surgery. I will see a cardiologist tomorrow who is some body I never seen but in the same department I guess they see each other patient which I don’t like. I would perfer to see the same doctor. I don’t like this foolery at all.

Hi punkin98, seeing cardiologist who did surgery or referred you for surgery? Sad but I also had lots of testing that now in retrospect show cardiac trouble but EKG normal so even though hole in atrium was found told small and not to worry about it. That was many years ago! Best bet when seeing new md is write all questions down that you want to ask him/her in advance and try to take someone with you. Even the best of us forget to ask questions and than can’t remember answers. Good luck tomorrow, Linda

Thanks Guys, I’m seeing a cardiologist that works in the office as the surgeon.

Punkin, it is always possible that the Dr you are about to see is even more competent, more compassionate, more likable, than the surgeon you had!

I'm wishing and hoping for you, girlfriend!

Hi SK, you were right they were thorough and didn’t take my situation lightly. I loved how they took their time and help find the problem. My heartrate is above 110. Which is causing my problem. The right side of my heart is misfiring so I meeting with an electrophysiologist, wearing a heart monitor and if the findings are right he can do a laser procedure to correct it.