Asd device closure

Hai all my name is Antony from India I had 32mm device closure on Aug 8th .After 3weeks I am feeling now lightheadness with fainting .Also I started for small walking but my chest feeling pressure with dull ache .Also facing some difficulty to sleep on night ,I am using every morning antiplatlet 75mg and aspirin 150 mg for night.also feeling lost my previous energy .2days before did an echo as per my cardiologist my device is safe .He told fainting and all symptons due to my mind.But I am 100%sure I lost my total balance .kindly advice is anybody face this issues ? When I can start my normal life?

I don’t understand ,does device closure need that much time to recover? I have Minimally invasive surgery ,I got back to my work with double energy on just the third week itself ,my first week was very hard with dizziness,urinary infection ,pain ,vomiting etc .Are you feeling dizziness all the time or while getting in and out of bed? I had troubles while getting to bed and off for first two weeks ,but it was gone easily .Also try to get from one position to other much slowly ,it will reduce that chance of dizziness.

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I have also experienced feeling off balance since my Amplatzer ASD closure. I feel off balance especially during/after migraine or if tired. I have not fainted. In my case it is probably because of my lower heart rate. I try to keep well hydrated and drink water. For me, the off balance dizziness has not improved- I just try to manage it by paying attention to hydration and getting enough sleep.

How is your heart rate and blood pressure?

Hai Dvorak my BP is normal and resting I am checking my heart rate regularly the resting rate is between 68 and 76 ,When you had the closure?

Everyone has a different recovery, and there are many helpful stories from others on here. I had shortness of breath, fatigue, etc. for about 9 months. I found out I had a nickel allergy and was having a reaction to the Nitinol used in the Amplatzer device. Many without a nickel allergy also have similar symptoms. The device was not well studied prior to market (like most medical devices) and there are many published case reports as well as numerous reports on the site regarding post-closure symptoms. Most doctors are unfamiliar. I had a great Cardiologist who worked with me to find an answer, and now he thinks he has additional patients with this “allergy”. Many people will have symptom
improvement after the device epithelializes which takes 6-12 months. I am 3 years out and back to normal activity, but I still have fatigue. For me, it was not worth open-heart surgery to get it removed, but I do have concerns about long term consequences. Good luck!! It can be very frustrating, but also know that there are many in this group that have had similar poor experiences. You are not alone!

Yeah my doctor told me my hole is huge 32mm ,Eventhough devices as large as 40mm exists he said he won’t recommended the device closure at all ,Always the best option is to open to the heart and close with patch via Minimally invasive surgery ,If I had gone for other doctor maybe he would have recommended device closure ,but now I’m glad I took the right choice ,Eventhough the risks were more…

ASD device closure is said to ensure fast recovery. Mine also was a large ASD with 3.1cm size and under went a LIS (Least Invasive surgery) in Sakra Hospital, Banglore. I had a few instances were i felt a sort of dizziness and doctor suggested me to take lemon water with salt (as my BP may have dropped due to the medication).So please check your BP and dont panic .
Currently I am taking Ecospirin (Aspirin)150 mg after lunch and Cardace 2.5 mg after Dinner. If you need any further info please feel free to message me .

I had my ASD closed one and a half year ago and my resting heart rate is 40-45, but does go up if I move around or exercise.