Surgery & Post Closure

Hi Everyone!

I've finally been given my Surgery date, 10 December!!!, after what has felt like a lifetime of waiting. I'm feeling anxious, excited, eager, nervous... all the usual feelings and I'm as prepared as I'll ever be having being diagnosed (with a large (29mm x 31mm) ASD) over 2 years ago. My bags are all ready, I've done as much research as I possible could, my pre op is in a couple of weeks and I've even sorted a Child Care rota for my family covering the School runs.... The key thing I'm most unsure about is what to expect immediately after surgery?

Due to the size of my ASD I'm having OHSurgery. I know what to expect when it comes to being in Intensive Care, the scar, drains etc but was looking for some advise from 'actual' patients as to how you felt immediately after surgery.... when you woke up, pains, palpitations etc?

I'm mainly interested for my own piece of mind, so I don't panic when I initially come around.... I'd like to try pre-warn my partner of what to expect. Also, I'm trying to explain to my son whats happening to Mummy so he doesn't worry. I understand everyone is different and will probably react differently post surgery, but I would greatly appreciate any information anyone could give me :)

Thank you x

Im seven months post op our stories sound very similar tbh. I dont remember much about being in hospital but I know the thoughts before I went were worse than the reality.

When I woke up I was high as a kite talking rubbish apparantly telling everyone that I was alive an did it (that was in intensive care) I only know that from family. I remember being verrrryyy thirsty an I remember having the drains removed it was so easy an pain free.

For me high dependancy when the drugs start wearing off was the worst experience of the whole thing I felt like id been hit by a bus over an over. The pain hits you as feeling comes back an you realise where you are an why your there.

On the ward I was very emotional but these were the good times of it all. I laughed all I could with the nurses but laughing hurts. Wasnt in much pain but was very scared in the nights as my medication caused bad dreams an I was put on heart monitors constantly. Didnt eat had no appetite but loved sleeping just slept constantly. Didnt feel up to visitors an worst pain was trying to get up an move but you move. Try an surround yourself with home comforts I took in my pillow my favourite candle an room spray an had my favourite cakes brought in.
It is strange getting used to a new regular strong heartbeat. My heartbeat at rest was 103 after my operation an I pancked loads but thats normal . You will probably feel your heart stronger but not palpitations I had them occasionally. The biggest help I found was cardiac rehab. Im now seven months post op I go to the gym four times a week my hr is back to a normal 70bpm and im going on holiday on xmas day!!! The thoughts are worse than the reality

Sending heaps of positive thoughts your way

Hi - Thanks for your reply.... I really appreciate you taking the time to share your story. So glad you've recovered well! It really helps to read such positive stories like yours.... I have so many Drs and Nurses telling me 'physically' what to expect but it really helps to try and prepare 'emotionally'. I feel much more prepared already and will look forward to 5 weeks when the surgery is over and done with. I'm gonna try my best to maintain a positive attudite throughout.

Thanks again, I'm so grateful and enjoy your Christmas holiday! x

hey, just wondered how the operation went. You feeling ok? izzi

Hi - Thanks for your message, apologies for the late reply. Everything went perfectly… my date was brought forward and had the surgery 29 November, it went really smoothy and I was discharged 4 days later… now 3 weeks on and feeling fantastic, still getting used to the scar and not picking my kids up but been feeling better than I ever thought I would! Thanks so much for sharing your story, the support on here has been fab. xx

thats brilliant your feelings so well. 4 days and then being discharged is such a positive thing now you just have to get threw the recovery and enjoy it as it goes sooooo quickly! I started picking my niece up who was 1 at the time about 14 weeks post op but i still felt it really pulled on my chest and i think it was mainly because of how i held myself after the op so i kinda guess try keeping a really good posture and keep ur back straight. Every week will get easier and within a year you'll feel fantastic but dont rush into things remember what you've been through and join a cardiac rehab.


Congrats Izzi and KellyS! I am so pleased to hear well things have gone for both of you. Very impressive recoveries and I know others will love to hear about your stories!