Traveling Post ASD - Amplatzer Device

Anyone had issues and can share experience with TSA/full body scanner post ASD with Amplatzer device? Traveling for first time post Op :-) !!

Hi Raj,
Carry your card for your own protection BUT you won’t need it! You are suppose to tell all treating facilities that you have an Amplatzer so I carry mine with my insurance cards. Guess what! It doesn’t show up anywhere unless echocardiogram or similar test done. Not even EKGs. Not even MRIs. I just tell techs doing procedure so they can document it. Most nod but have no idea what I’m talking about!
Traveling is simple. The biggest headache is waiting in the TSA line! The plug doesn’t show up at all but initially told to present card to TSA. They thought I was nuts! Full body scan in funny machine doesn’t show an Amplatzer. Don’t worry! We as patients worry more than those around us even bother to care. Just don’t forget to take belt off, empty pockets and wear socks. Floors are cold when you have to take shoes off! I have flown many times since repair, first time less than 2 months after ASD plugged with Amplatzer. Thanks to the holidays but fly for lots of different reasons. Please don’t worry and enjoy your travels! Great question though. I was nervous first time too! But did not need to be! Linda

I have the biggest Amplatzer available *(~3.5 cm). I have gone through those TSA a couple of times, they've never told me anything.