Just completed ASD closure - Amplatzer

Just finished my ASD closure yesterday!!! Back home and up and about ...

1. I went through the Cath procedure and got a 18mm hole plugged via Amplatzer device

2. The most important criteria for an AMPLATZAR closure is that your hole has enough lip around to place the device and consider all other risk factors...that is key...in my case the doc said I had a "perfect hole" !!

3. Procedure as per doc was 20 mts (2hrs prep work on you) and then you get knocked out, you can choose local as well. I had the TEE also as a guidance for the doc to place the Amplatzer device.

4. Got back you into room after 2 hrs (includes time for you to recover back). Post that they keep checking on your blood for clotting. Once it reaches the criteria, they remove the 2-3 inch stent and apply pressure @ groin incision point for 20mts or so till they know for sure the bleeding is stopped.

5. After this the big focus was on ensuring you lie flat and right leg absolutely straight....this can be for 3-4 hrs to ensure the incision heals completely. I got up @ 5:30pm and walked a bit to head to the rest room and developed "Hematoma"! had to get back to the above process...So essentially for some it takes longer to heal/clot. I tried again @ 10pm and it was fine...walked around. This was monitored every 15-20mts and is possibly most critical aspect for quick recovery.

6. This morning was up and about....focus continues to be to ensure we don't apply pressure and undue stress to the groin area. Else everything else is fine.

Guess time will tell if there's any side effects of the Amplatzer device itself...

It was longer than that before I was allowed to move. I hope everything works out for you. I have a Gore Helex. 2 years now. I was told I could not use the Amplatzer.
Take care.

Hi Raj

Now that you've had your closure hopefully you'll start to feel better. Be sure to dry the incision area real good after a shower, that's real important.

Wishing you a continued recovery, I hope that you will soon feel your very best! Just take it slow and easy, Raj.

How are you Raj? Sending good wishes for your recovery!