Weight gain after cath closure

Has anyone else noticed weight gain since closure. I know I’ve been less active since the procedure a month ago but I’ve put on half a stone :grimacing:

Omw! Yes. I thought it’s my own doing. Had my closure in march and have picked up . 8kg.:tired_face::scream:


I am hoping that when I can get back in the gym it might go. I suspected this would happen and lost half a stone before operation so I’m back to where I was albeit not where I wanna be lol! It could be the heart is not working as hard now.

So very Yes ! Lost half a stone/ 4kg straight after op (no appetite), then appetite sped up quicker than my activity did (!), and about 5kg has gone back on.

It’s taken me 5mths to get back to “proper” exercise and it’s still proving a strain (really pooped the next day & fluttery heart when it’s tired).

What exercise are you each able to do? I’m up to 5km walk, or perhaps some jog-walk, & just started very light weights. All puffs me out. Suppose that’s good.

It’s a long road but (let’s hope) worth it!

Wow really that long. I stupidly tried the gym last night just under 4 weeks since procedure and just did the step machine thinking me ok, I too have increased appetite which is a catch 22. Work in an office and sitting down all day and can’t do a lot so feeling fat and sluggish I tried the gym. Paying for the half hour I managed last night with total body aching all over and painkillers not doing anything. On the plus the heart rate didn’t go up high as it used to. I read somewhere cycling is good?

Perhaps mine is long as it was OHS - if yours was device by catheter, maybe it’s different?

The most awkward thing, is feeling fine (even good) during the exercise, then only knowing I’ve gone too far about 12-48 hrs later. So I’ve learned to only increase by 2-5 mins each week, and to not exercise the day before anything “important”. Plus also noticing that emotional exertion seems to trigger flutters too (maybe my heart rate goes up?).

I think if I cycled, I’d be even less aware of getting tired, but I bet it’s good flexible- speed cardio work.

Don’t worry, the time will pass & I bet you’ll look back amazed at what your body has handled!

Oh yes big difference as mine was cath closure to recovery time a lot less than ohs

Working out is supposed to help the heart as it’s a muscle so just do what you can and listen to your body, guessing it takes times but in the long run we should see the benefits.

I still have a small vsd and a biscupid aortic valve so not quite mended just keeping an eye on the valve issue though life and the vsd is tiny since birth so they left it there.

This has definitely been a trend @Leanne, it isn’t just you. I have looked at some past threads, and found a few older ones that may be of interest to you!

Here they are :Weight gain and ASD closure (diet is mentioned), How are people going years after having your operation? (where @Helen and @Ellen_C mention exercise, and @MissSea had experienced random weight gain), Update on me where @Natasha_HG describes her exercise regime and how things had changed for the better, and Weight gain following closure (more about weight gain experiences).

All the best! We would love to hear updates on this from you all.

-Arjuna from ModSupport

I had so much energy when mine was closed in March. The fluid retention started decreasing until August. Now, I feel back where I started and going fluid again.

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago and had I known I was going to have fatigue, nausea and weight gain, I would have never had the surgery. I have other health issues and think all the meds I take for that is now making me nauseous.

Have you find any solution for this non stop weight gain ??
Iv got my ASD closure in August 2019 and in one complete year iv gained around 13 kgs
It’s hell depressing… Im unable to control immense weight gain

Hi @Sana,

Welcome to our community. A lot of our members have felt your frustration, and so I figured I’d direct you to my previous post attached here. There has been some positive stories from others who put on the breaks on their weight gain. I figured you’d be interested in that, so here you go.

How are you feeling otherwise? Have you talked to your doctor about your weight gain?

We are rooting for you!


@arjuna otherwise I’m fine… but whenever I try to control my diet I started feeling weak… and I get tired easily… though I’m an active person

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Yes even I have noticed weight gain after the closure and whatever I do to lose weight, nothing works :slightly_frowning_face:

But what is the reason?
Less active? More appetite? Eating comfort food?

Hi there.,I’ve begun brisk walking for 20 min daily i try to aim till i feel a sweat break although i have noticed thats when i have a bit of a flutter so i stop anyone experience such? my weight is literally 1 kg up 2 kgs down its frustrating and sad .

how has it been on your end?