What have been your biggest challenges?

We all struggle with something, what are the most difficult things for you to accomplish and maintain?

Personally, mine is all spine/joint related, riding in the car is excruciating, bending, sweeping, mopping. They would be the most difficult movements and tasks for me.

My sanity to be honest!

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Ah, you made me laugh, laurull!

I've gotten to the point that when people ask how I am, I just laughingly reply "I'm nuts!" It eases the tension and lets them off the hook to have to listen to my long list of complaints! I save the long lists for my Doctors, though I tell them this is all affecting my personality!

My Rheumatologist is the kindest of men, and a University Professor to boot, so he teaches, how lucky am I? I was going through such frustration that I confessed that I even go outside and jsut SCREAM at times, and that surely I have terrified the nearby farm animals. In typical straight man fashion, he says "Ah Susan, they're used to you by now"!

my recovery was a bit long (open-heart) and I wound up losing my job because I went back too soon and couldn't focus very well. either that, or they just resented that I was out so long)

I guess that was the biggest problem.

Hey Chromedome,

What a great screen name, always good for a chuckle!

That was certainly a challenge few can relate to unless they undergo it! It really is a shame that employers can't seem to get their focus off the bottom line and look at the PEOPLE who are the most magic ingredient of their success!

I certainly don't think that we are given enough time to properly heal after such an undertaking as heart surgery, especially open heart. There should never be a rush for anything after that.

I'm glad you made it through and hopefully your life is so much better because of it!

I really appreciate your contribution to the group.

We didn't think anyone was paying attention here anymore, boy were we happy to be wrong!

Keep in truckin', chromedome,


Are you sure something else didn't happen? Your spine issues sound like my thoracic rupture. They did an MRI right? My Dad had open heart surgery and a wire was put in wrong and was hitting a nerve too. They went in and removed and did it again. My mom had her hole closed and did not have spine issues. Let's talk more! I have had two back surgeries might be able to give you some relief options your dr. did not think of.

Here's where I am, when the last MRIs were done of cervical and lumbar spine, when I went to the GP, the xray practice had already sent ONLY the cervical results,and were closed already. They were not the worst, but certainly not great. At 9:30 the following night, my Internist calls me, just got the results of the lumbar. Tells me I need to get back to Hopkins or the Univ of MD for surgery on the central canal stenosis, and need my SI joints fused with super glue IMMEDIATELY!

So then go to my Rheumatologist to see what he thinks, and he says "Not yet, there is no guarantee this will solve the problem, make you better or reduce the pain."

Next to the Chiropractor, who spent over an hour going over EVERYTHING with the report and the x-ray showing on computer for me to see. He says he sees both sides very clearly.

So, limbo is my middle name!

Life’s good. Although I’m dealing with an enlarged heart now and come to find out, I’m also dealing with scoliosis (and warding off osteoporosis)

Hope all is well with y’all.