I had my repair little over a month ago. My follow up bubble study showed positive with pressure, the morning after the surgery it showed nothing. Now I am having slight shortness of breath…going to the mailbox and back to the house I noticed some huffing and puffing. Also last night when I carried my 35 pound dog down the hall to bed I was slight winded. I have been fighting a cold for the last few weeks and working in the medical field I’m always exposed to bugs. I have not had any skipped beats or weird flutterings or edema. I do have a follow up on the 25th with the doctor… should I be worried about failure or is it just me with the cold, dark seasonal change??

Hi, Did you have your follow-up? Hope things are going well!

Hi! I hope all is well too! did you have your follow up? How did you have your ASD closed?