Any complications on the incision in vein

Doing my ASD closure via Cath procedure using Amplatzar in a weeks time. While I have read and seen several updates on the side effects of Amplatzar and how to cope with it.

Has anyone had issues with the incision they do in the vein for pushing the device up? I understand it has it's own issues like hematoma if not closed properly managed or infection etc!!



I had no problems with the either entry point. Bruising but no hematomas.

Hello Raj and welcome.

It has been 6 months since my closure, I feel like I have tuned a corner. I do not remember having any complications. The entry point in my groin was tender for a few days but cleared up soon enough. I followed the post care procedures very carefully. You will be feeling better very soon. All the best Raj. Bye for now.


First of all, best wishes to you. My groin was a bit sore for about a week, but not even enough to feel like I needed any pain meds. I had a small bump deep inside only felt, but not seen. I’m 2.5 years post closure and my device is solidly placed. I don’t even remember any pain on the initial puncture.

No problem at all!

Hello Raj

I had my closure done with the amplaztar with a right sided cath a year ago yesterday. So far I've not had any complications with my

incision. I had to make sure to dry it off good after a shower. Hopefully you won't have any issues.