Any parents of diagnosed kids?

Hi everyone,

@lisamarissa is our newest member, and is the mother of a baby who has been diagnosed with ASD. We were wondering if any of you out there have any words of support or tips to Lisa… Lisa would greatly appreciate it !

Lisa- It must have been a shock to have received the diagnosis, and we are here to help you the best we can. Has there been a timeline set for a procedure? Do you have questions about what kinds of procedure are best? How are you feeling otherwise? I searched for previous threads containing the word “baby” in it, and 50+ posts showed up. Here is the link to that if you are interested:

It may be of help to see what others in your own situation have gone through! We wish you and your baby the very best, and we look forward to hearing from you Lisa!

Take care,

Thanks for the welcome. Although the doctor said it nothing worry about- thinking about it is daunting. She was diagnosed at 6 months with a 9mm ASD. We were told it has a 5% chance of closing…was just wondering if anyone had a child with similar size asd that closed on its own