ASD peer volunteer phone support needed for parent

Greetings, everyone! I am the Southwest Coordinator for Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania. Thank you for adding me to your group and allowing me to reach out to help find a volunteer peer supporter for a parent who contacted us. I am currently searching for another parent who has a similar situation. The parent would like to talk with someone who has a child with an ASD only. She described her child's condition as being monitored and not in current need of procedures but advised there is still the possibility her child will need a repair procedure by age 4. The parent requested to be matched to parents of a child with an ASD condition exclusively. I appreciate anyone who can help. Due to the importance of confidentially, I am not able to answer any additional questions about the child or Mom online. Our website is and explains how Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania works and shows we are a legitimate organization trying to help match parents who contact us. We are all parents of special needs children ourselves and believe in helping find connections for others and the significance of support. Thank you.

rnichols, I removed your personal contact information for your security. Members who are interested in helping may "friend" you on the site, and you can give them contact information privately.

Also, please encourage this mom to join our community, if possible.

I had the same situation and would like to volunteer. Not sure how to friend on the site but will try to figure it out. My daughter was diagnosed with ASD only at age 1 and had repair via OHS at age 4.

Thank you, kcmom, it is very kind of you. Just click "Add as friend" under the butterfly photo on rnichols's page, and then she can add you and give you the contact information to get in touch with this parent.

Thank you dancermom. I really appreciate you adding my message. I have added kcmom as a friend and sent a message. I am hoping it went through. I will also share the network with the parent that reached out to us. This is tremendous and thank you for what you do!

My two month old was just diagnosed with an ASD. Right now we are in the wait and see stage as well. We have an appointment in 6 months to see if his hole might begin to close on its own.