Checking on a patient - Grace

Grace, or anyone who has possibly spoken with Grace, Grace you have been in my thoughts a lot lately. I hope you are home from the hospital by now and starting the process of healing. I know it is a very difficult thing to cope with. I know for me I am blessed to be able to love with my family until I am more recovered. The survey is such a traumatic experience to our bodies. I hope the healing process goes smoothly for you Grace.

Sending you soft and gentle hugs,

Laura :)

hi laura been home from hospital for just over a week the operation was a sucess but ,i became quite ill afterwards

i have been having seizures since the operation i was meant to be home a lot sooner than i was but i was kept in intensive care for a few days because of the fits they are not sure what is causing them they thing i have took a reaction to some of the medication they gave me ,but i am at home now where my gp is keeping a close eye on things i do feel bit better but sore just glad to be home so big hugs kisses to you speak to you soon luv grace xx

Grace, I am glad you are home. I'm sorry about the seizures, and I hope your docs figure out why they are happening soon. Best wishes!

thank you just have to take one day at a time but i will get there thank you for caring luv grace and big hugs xx

Glad you are home and I hope the seizures stop. Finding the right medications that our bodies can handle is a tricky thing. Yes, you will get just takes a long time. Big hugs and love to you!!:)

thank you just nice to get back to some sort of normality and i am sure they will get on top of seizures it just take time.i always feel better when i got people like you i can turn to lots of big hugs and kisses from grace