Any person had night sweat related to asd

I had night sweat for the past two years. Waking up in the middle of the night and changed wet pajama. Lost 12 lbs. doctor found I have 1.2 cm hole and asd procedure recommended but again not guarantee by closure of ads can cure my night sweat.

I have no shortness of breath, no palpitation. But weak and tired always.

60 years old now. Any suggestion?

Did you get any answers for this yet, David? I'm guessing no responses means no one else has experienced this, which probably means that it is not connected with ASD but from some other cause. How is the room temperature? Is the room itself too hot?

Thank you so much for your concern. I really appreciate it. I started to have night sweat two years ago. Been seeing many doctors but couldn't find any problem. My doctor suspect this might to be with my congenital heart hole 1.3 cm and recommended ASD amplazer procedure to be done. I knew I have heart hole since 10 years ago but chose ignore it since I don't have shortness of breath, nor did I have palpitation. I do hope my night sweat will go away without doing any procedure.

I do concern about the side effect after you put amplazer in your heart. Not sure should I take the chance ignore it again.