ASD closure on 10/19

Hello, I am a new mom that had a ASD closure on 10/19. I stopped breathing during surgery and was on a ventilator for two days. I am home, however, I keep having horrible chest pains, a rash on my face, bruising everywhere and bloody noses. I am exhausted and just feel not Well. My doctor said I should be better within a couple of weeks after my surgery. I had extreme heart palpitations which they put me on medication for as well as plavix and aspirin for the asd. Is this all normal? I don’t want yo be a problem patient, but, I have a 5 month old and need to get my life going…

Hi Bliss, Every patient is somewhat unique as is your case. My heart felt congratulations that you made it so far safely traversing such adversity and that tells me you should keep the faith and hope and will pull through it to live a normal happy life.

To answer your question, I have breathlessness regularly now even after surgery and pain . Plus I can’t sleep on my left side .


If it helps at all, my daughter had an ASD closure when her first child was one year old. That granddaughter is now 19. Both ladies are doing well. Surprisingly, I had an ASD that was only discovered recently, and I’m 71. My closure was in Sept. and I’m doing well. My mother, too, had an unidentified murmur. So, it might be a hereditary congenital defect in our family. Cardiologist has recommended our granddaughters all have EKGs. It’s a blessing that they can do these by cath now as my daughter had to have open heart surgery for her repair 18 years ago, but mine was much easier when done by cath. God Bless you and your little one.

Surgery of any kind SUCKS. I have had many of all kinds and every recovery was different and difficult in its own rate. I have done many studies of how to make the aftermath of surgery better. 1) be generous with your body and it’s painful process of healing. Remember to take care of your mind. Find things to escape the pain and doubts in your mind. Go outside and sit in a comfortable chair, watch nature shows this has proven to help the mind relax and the beautiful scenery helps relieve pain. 2) get off pain meds as soon as possible-- they will slow your healing and cloud your mind making you more depressed and feeling of hopelessness. 3) retrain your body to do what it is supposed to do. Spend time every day gently guiding your body through the pain. Do what hurts for a very short time. One second… Then try to extend that time everyday. 4) remember your body is not you. Your strong and capable and your body is just not cooperating. Teach it what you want it to do and be patient some bodies are slow learners and like to be broken.
Keep breathing, keep fighting, keep smiling and it will get better.