Asd closure questions

Hey all. I am 1 week post surgery for my 18mm secumdom asd. Anything I should be on the look out for? I have periodic palpitations here and there and sometimes my chest feels tight but goes right away. Any idea when one can become sexually active again? I read 3 days after the procedure you can. But just making sure. Any help would be appreciated!


It sounds like you are doing well. Don’t push too hard for the first month. It’s still heart surgery and your heart is getting used to its new norm. Just keep going to follow up visits.

I was not given a day, but as soon as my wounds on legs healed I did. My catheter & Camera was put in each side of groin.

So your saying a week or so after your wounds healed up?

I do not remember exact days it took, but I waited for the wounds to heal. I didn’t want an infection. I know it was less then 3 weeks.