ASD in Heart-Request Experts Comments

Dear Experts,
The below report is of my Baby (premature born 34 weeks) born on Sep05,2014.
Mitral Valve: Normal
Aortic Valve: Normal MACS: 0.5 Cm
Tricuspid Valve: Normal
Pulmonary Valve: Normal
Left Atrium: 0.7 cm
Left Ventricle: EDD: 1.2 cm, IVSD: 0.3 cm EF: 65%
ESD: 0.8 cn, PWD: 0.3 cm
Right Atrium: Normal
IVS: Normal
IAS: Secundum ASD size: 3 mm.
Aorta: 0.9 cm
Pulmonary Artery: 0.9 cm, reverse flow in MPA, by color but not by Doppler.
Pericardium: Normal
Pulmonary Veins: Normal

Doctor's Impression:
Moderate Secundum ASD
Left to Right Shunt
Good LV, RV Function
Requires Follow-up

Please suggest me what is the condition of my Baby. Does he requires any surgery???
We were told to come for check up again after 3 months

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Lucky2636,
Congrats on new baby. 34 weeks is early and usually takes time to learn to feed. Sounds like you are home or heading there soon. Lungs can be last thing to mature but most premie’s have problems sucking, especially if everything else is okay. For any newborn with an Atrial Septal Defect unless functional, surgery will and can wait until infant grows more. This is a congenital defect, so following the MDs advice sounds good. Functional means the baby has lots of problems such as not growing or cyanosis(blue color) because of the heart problem. Have you looked up basic info on how the heart functions? It has 4 chambers with lots of blood going in and out through different plumbing and will pump the blood into the lungs for oxygen and back to the heart and then out to the body. This brings oxygen to all parts of the body. An Atrial Septal Defect is an opening in the upper chambers of the heart called the atria. We have right and left upper chambers and the baby’s hole is in the wall between these 2 chambers. There is no really good place to have a defect but if it truly is a secundum( in the center, give or take) that is the best place. MDs often wait to see if the hole closes on its own as the infant grows. A hole normally allows a stream of oxygenated blood to move from the left atrium back to the right atrium to again go through the lungs for oxygenation. That is what your doctor is calling the left to right shunt!
Several parents have posted on this site so I hope they will write to you. Every experience is different but your sons’ was picked up at birth, possibly a murmur? Please don’t anguish over this so early in the game, so to speak. Enjoy this beautiful new baby and don’t blame each other. Just feeding a premie requires TLC and you both must be tired. None of us are experts in this field. We seek each other out for advice and support. Only further testing at a later date will dictate the need and then outcome of possible surgery. Try to develop a good line of communication with his baby doctor or pediatrician. Write your questions down. It is not wrong to ask them anything about his health and development. Please keep all appointments or if you are not able to communicate with his doctors, find new ones. It sounds like since it has been found, he is being watched. 3 months will go fast but if any problems develop for any reason, not just heart related, call your MD. Please don’t be to worried right now and try to enjoy your new bundle. Of course, we all have our own opinions and these are mine. Hopefully others will respond. Thanks, Linda

Thanks to All for your wishes and valuable suggestions.

I wish to look forward to hear the GOOD NEWS about my little one soon....

Thanks once again!!!

Hi Lucky!

Oh, there is nothing sweeter than a baby! I'm not an ASD patient, just a helping hand at Ben's Friends, but I wish you the very best for your little one!

Sending my best,